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First Atom Package

After receiving my beta invite to Atom I quickly started evaluating how well it could replace Sublime Text as my default text editor. I tested it with all kinds of projects and was quite amazed at how well it worked. However, once I opened an arduino project I quickly noticed the lack of support for syntax highlighting the arduino filetypes. I searched the available public packages and came up empty handed. My first approach to solve this problem was editing the language-c package that ships with Atom and adding the arduino filetypes to it. I really didn’t like this implementation though as it didn’t allow the flexibility of adding snippets and other options that should only apply to arduino files. I quickly concluded that creating a new package would be the best route to take.

The Atom editor is very friendly when it comes to developing packages to extend its functionality. From the menu bar I simply clicked the Generate Atom Package option and a brand new package was generated and opened in a new editor. Thanks to the help of a Github staff member I was quickly pointed in the right direction on how to simply extend the already included language-c package in my new package. I was able to complete my primary goal for this package in roughly seven lines of cson (coffee-script json).

'fileTypes': [
'name': 'Arduino'
'scopeName': 'source.arduino'
'patterns': [
      'include': 'source.c++'

The key line is 'include': 'source.c++', this tells the package to use all of the c++ grammar. After saving this file I simply ran the command apm publish 0.1.0 from the package directory and the version was automatically tagged and published to the packages site.

I then went and added a bunch of snippets to the package. I won’t document that process here as the offical documentation already documents it pretty well.

language-arduino on Atom.io