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Sheet Metal Overhaul

After a complete overhaul to my Sheet Metal app, I’ve officially released it as version 1.0. Since this was my first app I created it really wasn’t my best work, so I’ve determined it was in need of an overhaul. Version 1.0 ditches the previous tabbed interface and uses an entirely different GUI, this allows for easier display of more information. As requested I’ve included metric conversions for sheet thicknesses (I still need to allow for metric length/width dimensions). I’ve also spent some time adding more ASTM tolerance calculations, stainless and carbon steel are now supported. I still need to get my hands on the ASTM aluminum standards so I can add tolerances for aluminum as well. Some users also complained about sheet dimension settings, this feature has now been integrated right into the details page. Dimensions can be easily changed, and the weight and tolerance info dynamically updates, no need to change screens, or open menus. The sheet sizes are also saved for each material type.

Download or update today from the Market!